Counseling in the Community


A recipient of the CareerU® Counseling (in the community) typically experiences:

The CareerU® Counseling Process

Self-Assessment includes skill, value, interest, and personality inventory interpretation to identify "best skills" and uncover realistic career options.

Exploring options involves career and industry research coaching, designed to build the individual's professional network of contacts and to "test the reality" of options identified in self-assessment.

Creating Plans & Achieving Goals includes self-promotion strategies, short and long range planning, resume/critique and practice interviewing (if needed).

The CareerU® Counselor:

Alice Rush, M.A., has 18 years experience in career and educational counseling/training for high-tech corporations, medical, retail, education and virtually all industry environments. She holds a Master's degree in Counseling & Guidance with a background in Industrial Psychology. She has been working successfully with individuals ages 14-75 creating development plans and helping individuals achieve their career and educational goals for 18 years. She has received the highest designation of performance and experience a Career Counselor can receive in the State of CA; the MCC "Master Career Counselor" designation from the National Career Development Association.

Who Can Benefit From CareerU® Counseling?

Any individual interested in investigating their career interests, skills and discovering realistic career opportunities.

Options uncovered may include:

Counseling sessions can take place in-person, at-a-distance, or internationally.


Alice Rush MA, RPC, MCC
Serving Clients Nationwide