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Please print out this form, and fax or return to your manager. You may also email the text of this form to your manager.

Once this form is completed, you may call directly for an appointment, at anytime : CareerU®, Alice Rush, MA, RPC, MCC, Phone: (916) 349-7855 or email:

A few reasons why employees may want career counseling:

*Want to re-energize current job-understand best skills

*Going back to school, not sure what to major in

*Want to create a short or long-range development plan

*Want to take a Myers-Briggs Assessment to better understand fit/style within current workteam (helps to improve team communications.)

*Want to learn how to market self more effectively within the company: (networking, resume, interviewing skill development)

*Benchmark skills: Are my skills on the 'cutting-edge' for my career field? What do I need to do to stay current?

*Want to find a mentor, but not sure what function specialty


For more information about this employee benefit, call CareerU®, (916) 349-7855, or visit our web-site

Counseling Services for Employees & Managers

The Employee Career Counseling Service: Alice Rush, MA, RPC, MCC with CareerU® (or one of her international associates), will meet with you in person or at-a-distance to develop a Career Action and Development Plan based on your goals, background and skills. *Alice Rush, MA, RPC, MCC, has 18 years experience in career and educational counseling/training and sales marketing for high-tech corporations, medical, retail and education environments. She holds a Master's degree in Counseling & Guidance with a background in Industrial Psychology. She has been working successfully with employees creating development plans and achieving their career goals internally at many Fortune 500 companies for the past 18 years.

Who is this service for?:

Any employee or manager interested in investigating their career interests, skills and discovering realistic career opportunities or development options within the company. A recipient of this service typically experiences an increase in momentum, self-knowledge, and intentionality back in their work life.

The Process:

Self-Assessment may include skill, interest and personality inventory interpretation to identify "best skills" and uncover realistic internal career options, or ideas on how to re-energize current job. (1-3 hours.)

Exploring Options involves career and industry research coaching, designed to build the individual's network of contacts and to "test the reality" of options identified in self-assessment. (1-3 hours)

Creating Plans & Achieving Goals includes short and long-range development planning, methods to increase visibility / credibility within the company; resume writing & practice interviewing, (if needed.) (1-3 hours.)

Why Pay for CareerU® Counseling as an Employee Benefit?

Corporate values project that "we own our own employability." CareerU® is a service designed to help employees understand how to manage their careers internally, to supplement corporate career development workshops.

CareerU® promotes increased productivity by allowing employees to understand what energizes them about work, and to focus on their best skills within their current job.

CareerU® assists the employee in creating their career development plan.

CareerU® helps employees use tuition reimbursement monies wisely by understanding the best degree specialization that will match their skills.

Employees may be in a 'skill-mismatched' situation after a re-organization; or new-hires may have taken any mismatched position available just to get into the company.

Why let an employee leave your group without understanding his/her best-fit internally? CareerU® helps employees understand their best-fit within your company, if needed. This is an exceptional service for interns, co-ops, and highly valued employees.

CareerU® helps employees 'benchmark their skills' to insure they are on the 'cutting-edge' technologically for the future, if needed.

CareerU® Previous Clients:

Sun Microsystems*

Raychem Corporation*

Hewlett-Packard Company

Grass Valley Group, Inc.

State of California Insurance Fund

U.S. Computer Services, International

Output Technology Solutions

* On contract through the Career Action Center



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