Counseling for Legal Professionals


Alice Rush is a Legal Career Consultant with 20 years experience in the career counseling of attorneys. She has written numerous books and articles on career focus and direction. Her consulting company, CareerU, has been a member benefit for the California State Bar Association through the Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) for the past 8 years. Ms. Rush also serves as Adjunct Professor in Human Services and College Success at Los Rios Community College and has provided over 15 years experience counseling and instruction through distance and online coaching/ learning methods, nationally and internationally. She is a 30 year + resident of Northern CA with many diverse connections to help law students and professionals discover and secure the right career opportunities based on individual passions and convictions. She utilizes state of the art assessment tools to help law students and professionals understand their best fit niche in the legal workforce.

Alice also helps legal professionals with ‘vocational evaluations’ for their clients to determine spousal support in mediations and divorce proceedings. Call today to learn about how she can assist you personally.



Alice Rush MA, RPC, MCC
Serving Clients Nationwide