Quotes/Comments from Individuals, Parents, Employees & Managers Who Have Used CareerU®, a.k.a. Alice Rush & Associates.



Ø      “We want to thank you profusely for your assistance in helping Matthew determine what his natural skills are and what he would enjoy doing as an occupation.  He had a smile a mile wide!  He also really enjoyed getting to know you and he felt that he made a real ‘connection’ with you and that you really understood him.  He stated that he’d like you as a ‘friend.’  That’s one of the best compliments a person could ever hope to hear!”

Parent of High School Senior

Ø       “I personally thought it [career counseling] was very good.  It helped me see what was out there and what was open to me in my situation.  Very interesting.  Thank You!”

High School Senior

“Thank you for the opportunity to have my son work with Alice Rush, Career Counseling Director. He had two very pleasant and very productive meetings with her. I believe that her assessment of his character traits were right on target and very insightful. Most importantly, it was a very rewarding experience for him. He really connected with Alice and came away with a wealth of information to help him through high school, college, and ultimately to the profession that will best compliment his personality and character strengths. Our son walked away feeling very confident and focused. Thank you again.” - Parent of High School Student

“Alice, I wanted to write and thank you for all the help you gave me as I was ending my Coherent career and beginning a new one. I definitely couldn’t have gotten the (new) position without your help! I wish you all the best! Thanks Again!” - Employee Feedback


“Alice, thank you for meeting with me today. I truly appreciate your assistance and insight. I feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the world.”

“Alice, You were a tremendous help for me in figuring out what I wanted, and reminding me who I am.”

“Alice, what a pleasure to have met you. I feel so inspired and have more insight into myself. Thank you so much for helping me.”

“Dear Alice, I just wanted to say thank you for working with me over the last few weeks. I know your time was a gift from your heart. You provided me with a great collection of resources to get me going, ‘book of lists’, websites, and guidelines for job search strategies, networking and informational interviews. I am particularly excited about the link to the online Masters program at Columbia University that you sent today- thank you! And last, but certainly not least, your objective analysis and insights into my personality type have given me a huge boost of energy and confidence. I am excited about beginning to redirect my life’s work into something more meaningful and rewarding. Thank you.”

“Much to my surprise, I was awestruck by my meeting last Tuesday with Alice Rush. I expected great information, but did not expect that I would leave with such deep and increased peace. I feel more affirmed than I have in decades, and more than anything, I now have the gift of being able to say to myself, ‘there’s nothing wrong with me!’ I can’t tell you how wonderful this is.”

“Thank you so much for the time you spent working with me on Thursday. I really appreciate your thoughtful insights and assistance on determining directions I will explore.”

“Alice, thank you so much for generating a new way to approach my job search. I really appreciate your insight.”

“I think Alice Rush did a great job. She is a master.”

 “Hi Alice,

After meeting the General Manager, CFO and others, I was offered the position at $100,000/yr, without my need to negotiate. I accepted and will begin work august 15 th. Thank you again for all your help! I truly appreciate it!”

 “Thanks again for your inspired work yesterday. I believe you’re helping me work through something bigger than just getting a new job.”

 “Dear Alice, I want to express my heartfelt thanks for assistance and support you gave me. I am excited to be starting my new career next month. I was very impressed by your professional approach to helping all of us at Intelliquote. I look forward to recommending you to others in the future.”

Hi Alice, Thank you so much for your help. Sometimes you need a nudge in the right direction and do not always recognize what some of your best qualities are. Both our sessions were very helpful and really allowed me to refocus on what direction I need to move towards. I will keep you posted on how everything goes.”

“They called me with a job offer about 6pm. My start date is June 1 st. I really appreciate all that you did to make this happen!!

“Alice, I started this month. I began to work for a microelectronics company. I really appreciate your encouragement and help when I experienced the job transition in the past several months. You did an excellent job. Please keep in touch.”

“I wanted to let you know I just accepted an offer with a great company. Thank you for your help.”

“I have a renewed outlook on EVERYTHING, Alice. I am sooooo excited and grateful that you took so much time with me. what a value add and gift to me.”

“Alice, thanks a lot for being such a sensitive and compassionate soul. I really appreciate your insight.”

Hi Alice, thanks so much for your great ideas and expertise. Your enthusiasm for the subject was very contagious. I am really excited about learning more about this area of study (Human Factors/Human Engineering). The information and tips you provided will be very helpful. Thanks again. I’ll be in touch.”


CareerU® Development Case Study #1:

"Excessive workload with no assistance to reduce workload and pressure from manager & region to continue (pace) was my initial reason for the career counseling appointment. I needed a short-term solution. I had reached burn-out. Budget did not exist to hire temporary help. Talking with a counselor to brainstorm options for a short-term solution was the most important service in helping me achieve my goal. My counselor, Alice Rush, suggested using a volunteer intern from Ohlone College to alleviate my overwork. The idea that an intern could immediately reduce my workload and stress, & it would also give my dept. some positive exposure of "giving back to the community" by providing a college student with some 'real world' work experience. within weeks we brought a new intern on-board. The counseling helped me find an immediate short-term solution, because without the short-term solution I could not concentrate on my long-term goals. The intern helped me delegate more of the tactical aspects of my job so that I could concentrate on more of the strategic programs which were much more challenging and rewarding. (Since the career counseling appointment) I'm happier with my job, my stress level reduced, I sleep better at night, and I could leave work at a decent hour. After working through my 'work-overload' problem, I've been promoted twice and NOW I'M REALLY HAPPY!"

__Old Position: Sales Program Rep2, to a Sales Program Rep 4, moving from field ops to headquarters!

CareerU® Development Case Study #2

"I was an Operator Associate III, responsible for testing and fabrication. (1) I wanted a job that would utilize my intellectual skills. (2)I wanted to be able to inform people I work with 'what I really do on my job.' (3) I'm sixty years old & I'm concerned about future physical demands as an Operator. (4) I'm worried about job security. (5) I want to be involved in Research. The Career Counselor helped me to develop a resume that demonstrated what I REALLY did on my job. Using facts rather than just words helped me demonstrate what I was 'capable' of to my supervisor, team, and network. My counselor Alice Rush was very very patient. My English is limited and she helped me sentence-by-sentence. I don't like to show off, and I was helped to reveal my accomplishments. After career counseling, I achieved a more challenging position within my same division that would use my research skills & experience. I am excited to go to work now, and I can sleep at night. I feel a sense of job security, & this new career change will enable me to work many years longer than I could physically as an Op III.

__Old Position: Operator Assoc./ New Position: Technician II.


CareerU® Transition Case Study #1:

"I was a Technician 3 with the company for 16 years, then put on redeployment. The Career Counselor calmed me and was very positive and supportive. After losing my job, she took the 'shock' out of the experience. I knew Alice Rush was an internally focused career counseling resource and I wanted to stay within the company (I never used the outplacement service offered to us.) We worked on remembering/documenting my accomplishments, we then worked on my resume and really separated out my skills. Alice, my career counselor, really helped coach me along the way. Once I got my new job, she continued to assist me with my assimilation into my new position. She recommended internal training courses so I could learn quickly about the products and services in my new division. She also recommended a book, which I checked-out, called "Your First Thirty Days" to help me establish a positive working relationship with my boss and my new work team. The career counseling helped me immensely. I don't know how to put a dollar value on feeling secure about having a paycheck and a sense of internal security. I support my wife and two young children, and I was not looking forward to the holidays. For being able to have happy and positive thoughts or being in a good mood for no reason after visiting Alice, having that 'black-cloud' alleviated, I can't put a price on. Although, my severance would have been 36 weeks, that's saving our company $35,000 in severance by finding another position internally."

__Old Position Tech3 New Position: Technician with more customer service & interface w/vendors

CareerU® Transitions Case Study #2:

"Alice Rush met my expectations in giving me good feedback on my resume. She prepared me for interviews through mock-interviewing sessions with helpful feedback. After counseling on redeployment, I now work (within the company) as a program manager in an area where I can continue to grow and develop my skills. This job is very exciting and challenging. It allows me to apply all my previous knowledge.

__Old Position: Continuous Improvement Process Manager, New Position: Program Manger, IT.

CareerU® Transitions Case Study #3:

"I was an Operations Manager on redeployment and HR recommended Alice Rush for career counseling. Alice was encouraging in thinking about my options and the pros and cons. She acted as a sounding board for decisions between three different positions. After counseling, I selected a job as Lithography Operations Manager, internally. The new job is great and in-line with my operations background in dealing with both program and technical people. This new position is also allowing me to enhance my expertise in more technical operations management.

__Old Position: Lab Operations Mgr. New Position: Lithography Operations Mgr.

CAREERU® Career Development Training Comments:

"Alice was excellent in her information and knowledge of opportunities available to us." Career Design Workshop

"Excellent, absolutely excellent teaching techniques! Kudos to you Alice! *Followed by a standing ovation." Career Design Workshop

"Excellent course! I think it should be mandatory for all employees." Corporation Career Design Workshop

"Alice was excellent in her information and knowledge of opportunities available to us." Career Design Workshop

"Alice Rush was excellent & very professional. Presented information well & is extremely knowledgeable." Career Design

"Very Very good instruction & Instructor! The best class I have taken." Career Design

"Alice was great! The best class I have taken." Career Design

"Great course! Any level of curiosity should attend. Alice kept class involved, pace was just right. Great ability to draw people in." Career Design

"Good Facilitation by Instructor." Career Design

"Excellent Instructor, great examples." Career Design

"Alice is an excellent Instructor, speaks clearly and gets her point across well in cross-fire discussions." Resume Writing Workshop

"No improvements. Excellent class!" Resume Writing Workshop

"She is wonderful, wonderful. I have taken all of her courses (Resume, Networking, Interviewing, Career Design) & loved each one. Very personable." Networking Workshop

"The instructor's presentation and positive outlook was most beneficial to understanding the class and its concerns. Great Job!!" Behavioral Interviewing for the Interviewee

"Loved it! Love Ms. Rush approach to a tough topic. I have new ideas & ways of thinking about my job within. I am fired up!" Behavioral Interviewing for the Interviewee

"Great class. Great job doing class. Lots of very helpful information. Thanks a lot!" Resume Workshop

"Alice was very knowledgeable, answered all questions in a professional, friendly manner." Resume Workshop

"Loved the class. Liked how you mixed groups so you weren't always sharing comfortable ground." Networking Workshop

"Learning the skills needed to interact with other personality types was the most important team building exercise." Myers-Briggs Workshop for Teambuilding

"A better understanding of myself and the appreciation of differences was the most helpful part of this team building experience." Myers-Briggs Workshop for Teambuiding

"You covered all the reasons why I wanted to attend this workshop. I want to go back to school, but I don't know what to major in, I want to develop a short and long-range career plan, I want to find a mentor, but I'm not sure in what area. This workshop helped with my objectives to help focus. Thank you." Discovering Your Best Skills Workshop

"I coordinated Design Services. I enjoyed the job/people, but it was not technically challenging enough for me. I needed more technical challenge with less paperwork. The Career Design Class helped me ascertain what I enjoyed doing vs. what I didn't enjoy doing in a work environment. It helped me assess my current situation and what I needed to change (specifically) to be happy. Now I'm doing Design work for our same group (just a few months after taking the class!) I've already attended a Design Conference in my field, and I love learning new things in the design area!" (Career Design Workshop Success Story)


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