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After High School - I've been working with high school students since 1979 (as a Peer Counselor) then in private practice as a Professional Career Counselor since 1990, and parents will continue to ask the question, "Can my child really know what career they're best suited for at such a young age?" read more

Career Options for Teachers - I'm dedicating this month's column to the Teachers who have been (or may be) affected by our state budget cuts. I have had several phone calls already from teachers seeking direction... read more

Emphasize Transferable Skills When Changing Careers - Oftentimes I work with clients who are not aware of their transferable skills, or how these skills add value to other industries and careers. read more

Bottom Line - Return on Investment - What is our bottom-line value as Career Counselors? For over ten years, our profession has been asking questions about ROI (return-on-investment) for corporate career centers, counseling and training services. read more

Create Your Own Career - In this day of increasing unemployment, wouldn't it be nice if we could create our own careers? Careers that would give us happiness and satisfaction, flexibility and creativity...with a minimum of office politics. read more

EQ as Important as IQ in the Workplace - What is EQ? It's an acronym that stands for "Emotional Quotient" as opposed to Itelligence Quotient (IQ). It is that desirable characteristic of emotional maturity and work strategy skill. read more


Paid to Play - An Insider's Guide to Video Game Careers read more

Green Careers - Choosing Work for a Sustainable Future read more

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How To Quell Academic Stress - Alice Rush has observed that one of our biggest problems and aggravators to modern teen stress is the perception that our kids are only as secure as where they are accepted into college. read more





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