Note: The following is a "partial" list of workshops available. Workshops are typically customized to compliment and match the company's internal resources, corporate values, objectives and content demand. Customization is cost-effective and may be done with minimal time investment. For more information contact CareerU® at (916) 349-7855 or email

Career Design Workshop (one day workshop)

Expected Outcomes: All participants will complete a motivated skills, interests, and core-values inventory; options for best-fit within the corporation (and in the world-of-work in general) will be identified; development options will be identified; action plans for increased job/life satisfaction will be determined.

"Excellent course! I think it should be mandatory for all employees." __ 12/97

"Very very good instruction & instructor! The best class I have taken." __11/99

Myers-Briggs Workshop: For Assessment & Development Planning (often adapted for team building)

Course Time: four-hours

Course Benefits: Participants will:

"Learning the skills needed to interact with other personality types was the most important team building exercise." __11/98 Hewlett-Packard Participant

"A better understanding of myself and the appreciation of differences was the most helpful part of this team building experience." __9/97

Discover Your Best Skills

Course Time: one hour

Course Benefits: Participants will:

"You covered all the reasons why I wanted to attend this workshop. I want to go back to school, but I don't know what to major in; I want to develop a long-range career plan, and I want to find a mentor but I'm not sure in what area. This workshop helped me focus. Thank you." __8/98

Behavioral Interviewing for Interviewees 4 hour workshop

Expected Outcomes:

Participants will learn how to describe their work experience by citing specific examples of skills & behaviors that led to work success; articulating accomplishments will be practiced in a comfortable "error-free" environment; knowledge will be gained on how to prepare for any interview question by learning a simple "formula"; participants will learn how to target answers to match employer's needs

"The instructor's presentation and positive outlook was most beneficial to understanding the class and its concerns. Great job!" __ 1999

Resume Writing Workshop (3-hour workshop)

Expected Outcomes: Participants will learn how to complete each section of their resume; how to remember their accomplishments; how to adapt a resume for scanners; how to target market skills to match employer's needs.

"No improvements, excellent class." __ 2/00

"Great class. Great job doing class. Lots of helpful information. Thanks a lot!" __ 8/00

Networking for Personal & Professional Success 4-hour workshop.

Expected Outcomes: Participants will learn how to tap the "hidden" job market through developing networking skills. Specific tips, techniques and resources to expand and optimize one's network will be learned.

"Loved the class. Liked how you mixed groups so you weren't always sharing comfortable ground." __ 8/00

"She is wonderful, wonderful. I have taken all her courses (Resume, Networking, Interviewing, Career Design)and loved each one. Very personable." __2/00

Consultation by the hour.

Consultation may include developing and managing temporary on site career centers, 'train-the-trainer services,' development of coporate mentoring programs, or one-on-one career counseling for employees, teams and managers.


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